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Centre for Academic Innovation & Competitiveness (CAIC) is one of the centres under the management of the Department of Academic and International Affairs or Jabatan Hal Ehwal Akademik dan Antarabangsa (JHEAA).  Formerly known as the Academic Staff Development Centre (ASDC), the main focus at that time was on staff development for teaching and learning. Then, the centre underwent several transformations before it changed its name to the Centre for Quality Academic & Development (CAQaDE) and combined the following 3 units, namely, Academic Quality Assurance Unit, Academic Staff Development Unit and Academic Infrastructure Unit, under one management at CAQaDE. In early 2010, JHEAA underwent a massive organizational restructuring leading to the rebranding of CAQaDE to its current name CAIC with the tag line, Foresight, Quality, Innovation.  Currently, there are two units at CAIC: (1) Academic Quality Assurance Unit; and, (2) Innovation & Best Practices Unit. Both of these units are responsible for academic quality assurance affairs as well as innovation in teaching and learning in UMP.  The objectives of the inception of CAIC are to ensure that all academic programs offered at UMP are recognized by their respective professional bodies as well as to maintain the quality of the programs in line with the focus of the establishment of UMP. Besides that, CAIC also acts as a guide to UMP academicians in maintaining professionalism in delivering knowledge to students and members of the society and sharing it with them.