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University Academic Awards are prestigious awards which give recognition to academicians. These awards were orginally divided into the following categories:

• Excellence in Teaching Awards (which are further divided into 3 subcategories, namely, Engineering, Applied Sciences and Applied Social Sciences)
• Innovation Award: Student-Centred Learning (SCL)
• Innovation Award: E-Learning

These awards started in 2009 with Excellent Lecturer Awards to honour the services of academic members of staff who performed excellently and showed a high level of creativity in aspects of teaching and learning. It was also a form of recognition by the university to academicians who had shown remarkable efforts and given their commitment to the development of excellent students in a holistic manner.

In this regard, CAIC had considered the feedback received from panel of judges as well as members of academic staff themselves concerning these awards. Hence, there was a significant need to review the implementation of the program so that it would remain relevant and in line with the National Academic Awards. A total of 3 series of workshops were conducted to improve the implementation of the program. These workshops were held on 12 January 2016, 10 June 2016 and 10 August 2016.

A proposal for improvement of the awards was tabled and endorsed in the 66th Academic Development and Planning Meeting or Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pembangunan dan Perancangan Akademik (JPPA) No. 8/ 2016 held on 8 November 2016. This was later approved by the Senate in its 130th Senate Meeting No. 11/2016. It was then decided that effective 2016, there would be only two (2) types of awards, namely:

                                           Teaching Awards and Most Promising Academician Awards.


The improvement for these awards was necessary in order to:

• Widen the scope and recognize the contribution of UMP academic members of staff in teaching and learning after the event entered its 7th edition.
• Nominate the winners of the University Academic Awards to represent UMP in more prestigious awards outside of UMP such as the National Academic Awards. Therefore, the University Academic Awards criteria had to be reviewed to prepare candidates who would be able to represent UMP at higher level.
• Encourage academicians to work harder and contribute to the excellence of the University in creating a generation of quality human capital through teaching and learning, supervision, and other related duties as well as enhance the level of motivation among academic members of staff in embracing innovation and creativity in their teaching approaches.